Public Speaking Training Coach, Barbara Bamba, ​is the "go to" expert ​for mission-driven women in business. She guides her clients in deciding the 7-Pre-Marketing Essentials, they MUST KNOW “BEFORE” LAUNCHING and teaches them how to use public speaking in their businesses as a strategic marketing, client attraction and selling tool to help them accomplish the 3-Priorities of the start-up entrepreneur.
​Through her live events and virtual coaching community, she is fiercely committed to helping ​YOU:

1. Confidently, get the word out about your businesses.
2. Consistently, pull "pre-qualified" prospects into your sales pipeline.
3. Convert MORE prospects into paying clients ON-THE-SPOT!
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Learn Before You Launch!
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Why You Should Attend?

​​​•  ​You target more than one target audience -- because you feel you can save the world with your work.

•  You tend to ramble on, wing it, or say something different -- each time someone asks: "So Tell Me, What do you do?"

•​​  You can't find the time to fit marketing into your "busy schedule" -- due to other "just as important" competing priorities.

•​​  You don't know where to start, when it comes to marketing -- in this age of TOO MANY MARKETING MODALITIES & OPTIONS!

•  You don't have a specific marketing or communication strategy​​ -- that you use to get the word out about your business.

​​•  You waste a lot of time & valuable business development hours – figuring out best practices -- "through trial & error."

•​  You tend to undercharge, give discounts and hate quoting your fees -- because you don't know "what to charge" for your work.
•  You STRUGGLE to get the word out with confidence, pull prospects into your pipeline consistently & convert them into clients.
You Should Attend -- If You Don't Know ...

WHO your "Assigned Clients" are?
WHAT to say when you ONLY have seconds to grab their attention​​​?
WHEN​ you will make time for marketing -- when you're already busy?
WHERE you will focus your marketing -- among the TOO MANY OPTIONS?
WHICH primary strategy you will use to get the word out and attract clients?
HOW-MUCH you are worth or how-much to charge for your work?
HOW-TO get the word out, in a way such that you stand-out, in THE MOST CROWDED, LOOK A-LIKE MARKETPLACE in American History -- where everyone is a speaker, author, healer, "fill-in-the-blank", consultant or a coach!

"The ONLY Pre- Marketing Workshop Designed to Help You STOP or ​AVOID ​
Wasting Precious Time ​& Valuable Business Development Hours​ on "Trial & Error"
​Marketing Practices ​​​​-- During Your "Time-Sensitive", PASS or FAIL Start-Up Years."​ ​
Who Should Attend?

​​​•  Mission-Driven Women Starting Businesses From Home

•​​  Mission-Driven Work-At-Home Entrepreneurs

•​​  Mission-Driven ​Independent / Solo Professionals

​​​​•  Mission-Driven Speakers, Authors, Coaches & Consultants
•​  Mission- Driven Health & Wellness Practitioners and Professionals

​​•  Mission-Driven Creative Professionals

•  and others ...​​
Meet America's Speak-to-Get Clients Coach
!!!Apic of lady
​​​​After leaving the workforce to raise her children and start a “successful” work-at-home coaching business, Speak-to-Get Clients Coach and Amazon International Best Selling Co-Author Barbara Bamba, spent more than 57,000 business hours, figuring out "best practices" for marketing -- "through trial & error."

Instead of achieving the time freedom, financial freedom and work-life balance she sought, Barbara found herself, STUCK behind ​her computer: "Over-consuming" information products, STRUGGLING in "entrepreneurial poverty", and FAILING to get her business off-the-ground and THRIVING!

​​​​As she spent, unrecoverable amounts of, precious time and valuable business development hours in "learning mode" versus "earning mode," Barbara was forced to move “back home” at the age of 45 - WITHOUT all of her children -- following a failed marriage, divorce and foreclosure, which left her broke, broken and homeless -- due in part to her refusal to give up her “BIG DREAM” of entrepreneurship and “get a REAL job!”

​It was in that defining moment that Barbara, started investigating the marketing practices of highly successful, online women entrepreneurs who had THRIVED during their start-up years, while working from home, some with kids in tow. ​

​​That is when she discovered the BEST PRACTICE for marketing a heart-centered business (SPECIFICALLY, during your start-up years) and created her Speak-to-Get Clients Public Speaking Training Program for Women (and Men) In Business.