curl -u sk_test_VPju0ctJvCIQ14FogJST5BbP: -d amount=1000 -d currency=usd -d description="Example charge" -d source=tok_wvYhQY5pxT9NmeoOCjR2QRqr
paymentRequest.on('token', function(ev) {// Send the token to your server to charge it!fetch('/charges', {method: 'POST',body: JSON.stringify({token:}),}).then(function(response) {if (response.ok) {// Report to the browser that the payment was successful, prompting// it to close the browser payment interface.ev.complete('success');} else {// Report to the browser that the payment failed, prompting it to// re-show the payment interface, or show an error message and close// the payment interface.ev.complete('fail');}});});