Here's Why ...
Public Speaking is a strategic marketing, client attraction ​and selling tool combined, that ​allows you ​to accomplish ​​​The 3-Priorities ​of the THRIVING Start-Up:
  1. ​Getting the word out with confidence and credibility.
  2. Pulling prospects into your pipeline in less time.
  3. Converting prospects into premium paying clients ON-THE-SPOT.​
​​It is a powerful skill-set that I can help you develop to MAXIMIZE the results of your marketing:
So, let me ask you this ...

​​"Do you want to be a coach, who's out there desperately scrambling to get a few clients and make a living, or,
  1. ​​Stand out, help MORE people and change the world? 
  2. ​Become a trusted adviser. 
  3. Position yourself as the go-to expert.
  4. ​Be perceived and respected as the authority.
  5. Become sought after​​ for your work.
  6. Create more ​visibility​.
  7. Build instant credibility​.
  8. Become the MOST popular​.
  9. ​​Connect and bond with your potential​ clients in real-time.
  10. ​Make a great 1st impression with your potential clients.
  11. ​​Build instant rapport.
  12. ​Build your know, like and trust factor INSTANTLY.
  13. Educate your target audience about your work
  14. Give prospects a taste or sample of your work.
  15. Build interest and desire for your work.​​​
  16. Build top-of-mind awareness.
  17. Generate more referrals​.
  18. Build client/brand loyalty​.
  19. ​Shorten your sales cycle from weeks and months to minutes.
  20. ​Get the word out to more prospective clients simultaneously.
  21. Motivate ACTION NOW!
  22. Inspire more people to SAY YES to themselves.
  23. ​​​Convert prospects into committed clients ON-THE-SPOT!
  24. Save time, energy and money spent on other less effective marketing options.
  25. Get your new coaching, healing or holistic business off-the-ground & THRIVING!


Why I Created The Speak-to-Get-Clients™ Training & Coaching Academy?


~ Presenting~
“As Your Speak-to-Get Clients Coach, I am Going to Prepare YOU and a Small Group of People to Master the Speak-to-Get Clients™ Business Development Skill-Set Over a 6-Month Period Starting this Fall.

Introducing the Speak-to-Get Clients™ Training & Coaching Academy - a comprehensive 6-month, "speaker marketing" training and coaching program, created to help you MAXIMIZE your marketing efforts, present your BEST work to the world and start serving your "assigned clients"-- so you can get your businesses off-the-ground & THRIVING!

​​​​I’m looking for 30 heart-centered entrepreneurs whom I can mentor, coach, train and prepare intensively to use public speaking in your businesses as a strategic marketing, client attraction and selling tool. The purpose of our working together is to help you get the word out with a higher-level of confidence and credibility, pull more prospects into your sales pipeline -- in less time and convert prospects into premium-paying clients ON-THE SPOT!

​​My program provides training, packaging, practice, coaching, a productivity mastermind, peer support, accountability, live and virtual events, ALL designed to help you develop, hone and successfully execute the MOST powerful, business development skill-set on the planet!

Here's an overview of what you get when you enroll TODAY! 

​​​​​The "short" answer IS ... ​​I created it to help you ​STOP or AVOID doing this
​ -- ​over the next 6-months to a year ...

​​My other BIG WHY is ...

Too ​many heart-centered, women (and men) who start mission-driven​ 
​businesses are ​getting STUCK, ​STRUGGLING ​& FAILING​ -- ​​​​​in this age of

While ONLY 5% Are Successful ...
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Many get STUCK behind their computers figuring out best practices for marketing through "trial & error." -- and NEVER get out there to help the people they were sent here to serve.
  • ​​​95% STRUGGLE in "entrepreneurial poverty", earning ​less than $100k a year -- and NEVER achieve the financial freedom and security they seek for themselves and their loved ones.
  • ​As 80% FAIL within their first 2-years ​in business ​-- and have to give up their dreams, and eventually get job that robs them of their time freedom. 

​​If you feel like you're STUCK, STRUGGLING, or FAILING to get your business off-the-ground and THRIVING -- then you know what it’s like to:
  • Live each day unclear on what to do next or how to reach your​ goals …
  • Try to make it happen on your own, knowing you need help  -- yet, not sure where to go ...
  • ​​Lay awake at night wondering if you’ll ever be able to get your business off-the-ground.

​After being ​STUCK behind my computer for more than 57,000 business ​development hours --
​STRUGGLING ​in ​"entrepreneurial ​poverty" and ​FAILING to get my business off-the-ground --

​​​So, ​that is WHY I created the Speak-to-Get Clients™ Training & Coaching Program. I wanted to teach you this powerful, business development skill-set "early on" in your business, so that YOU CAN AVOID ALL THIS -- STARTING TODAY!
​You don’t have to get STUCK, STRUGGLE ​& FAIL
​-- during your start-up years! YOU CAN Get Your Business
​Off-The-Ground ​& THRIVING, and I can help you do it.​

Part 1
​​Package Your BEST Work into a Premium Offer 
that transforms lives, ​solves a real world problem ​and 
​positions ​​YOU ​as the ​​"go-to" authority. 

In part 1 of my packaging series you will:
  • Discover 10 premium, high-end features and formats that can EXPONENTIALLY increase the value of your offer. 
  • Decide how you want to deliver your premium offer/gift.  
  • Develop the main components, format, investment, guarantee, bonuses and limiter of your premium offer.
  • Discover the minimum investment "sweet-spot" for a premium offer.
  • Calculate the TOTAL VALUE of your premium offer, including what it would cost a prospect "NOT" to do business with you. 
  • Set your premium price-point/investment that make sense for your target audience. 

Part 2
C​raft Your Speak-to-Get Clients™ Presentation

Turn your ENTIRE sales process into signature sales presentation that shortens your sales cycle from weeks ​
​and months to MINUTES!




In part 2 of my packaging series you will:
  • Title your Speak-to-Get Clients Presentation.
  • Discover the Speak-to-Get Clients framework. 
  • Outline and write your 12-Part Speak-to-Get Clients Introduction.
  • Outline and flesh out your 3-Main Education-Based Talking Points.
  • Outline and flesh out your 20-Step Transition to Premium Offer.

Part 3
Create Your PowerPoint Presentation

Build a PowerPoint presentation ​with 8-tips that keeps
​your audience focused on YOU ​and NOT the slides.

In part 3 of my packaging series you will:
  1. Learn how many fonts to use in your PP presentation.
  2. The maximum number of colors you can use through your slides.
  3. The minimum number of slides you can use per minute
  4. When and why to use special effects. 
  5. The minimum point size to read with ease. 
  6. The maximum number of points per slide. 
  7. The maximum number of words per point.
  8. The four main reasons to use photos.




Part 4
​Create Your Speaker Marketing Package
Create all the documents you will need to send out to meeting planners, ​event organizers and ​promoters ​who can put YOU in front
​of groups of your potential clients -- in LESS TIME.

In part 4 of my packaging series you will:
  • Create your speaker one-sheet.
  • Create your speaker BIO
  • Create your speaker introduction
  • ​​​Create your speaker questionnaire
  • ​​Create your speaker contract/ agreement. 
  • ​​Create your speaker evaluation/ testimonial/ referral form.
  • Create your speaker promo email and blurbs for social media.
  • Create your participant handout.




Part 5
​Create Your Speaker Marketing Webpage
 The place where meeting planners, event organizers and
​event promoters go to learn more about you and who you serve, determine if your presentation is a fit for their group, review your materials and decide if they want to book you.

Here's How ...
In part 5 of my packaging series you will:
  • Upload your speaker one-sheet and BIO.
  • Upload your speaker introduction.
  • ​​​Upload your speaker questionnaire.
  • Upload your speaker contract/ agreement. 
  • Upload your speaker evaluation/ testimonial/ referral form.
  • Upload your speaker promo email and blurbs for social media.
  • Upload your downloadable participant handout/ take away.




​Practice presenting the parts of your presentation, making your premium offer, and managing your ​PowerPoint slides: 

The Parts of Your Presentation:
​Introduction ​​​
​Your Story
​Qualifying Questions 
​3-Talking Points

Making Your Premium Offer:​
​​Transition to Offer
Presenting Your Offer​ ​​​​​
​Preemptive Rebuttals
Invite Them to Say YES to Themselves:
Invite them to Step-Up and Say "YES" to transforming their lives, businesses, relationships, etc ...

Presenting with ​​PowerPoint Slides
Familiarize yourself with the technology
Using the remote control​
​Where to stand
Maintaining eye contact​
Speaking to the audience​
Using gestures


Your promotional video will include:
  • ​A live audience
  • A two camera video shoot 
  • Elegant room design complete with props 
  • A pipe and draped backdrop 
  • 10-minute web ready highlight reel. 
  • 3-audience testimonials​  
  • Pre-promo video shoot consultation​
Your professional photo shoot will include:
  • ​A professional photographer
  • head shots, action shots and audience interaction shots.
  • ​A makeup artist and image consultant​​ on site.

​Showcase yourself as a speaker in front of a live audience and get your promotional video​, speaker photos and testimonials done -- ALL IN ONE DAY!

Discover, develop and execute the #1 strategy for finding partners who can help you promote and put you in front of groups of your potential clients.

  1. Discover the #1 partnership strategy.
  2. Develop your pitch and proposal.
  3. Take ACTION to Make "It" Happen in 10 easy steps.
Get Productive
Speak-to-Get Clients™ Productivity Mastermind

Get Packaged. Get Partners. Get Practice.
Wow Barbara, this all sounds GREAT!!! 
​But, how "exactly" are you going to help me
​Get Packaged, Get Partners and Get Practice?

Great question! ​So, here are the specifics on how we’re going to do this TOGETHER.

PLUS Get 5 VIP BONUSES Compliments of
​Barbara, When You Register NOW!
Bonus #1:
Bonus #2:
Bonus #5:

How would you like to have The Speak-to-Get Clients Coach --​
​coach you live and in person in a 1:1 private setting?

​​Be among the first to ​"QUALIFY" when you
​enroll ​to reserve ​your ALL EXPENSE PAID
Speak-to-Get Clients™ ​VIP Coaching Day

($10,000 value​​)
Your's FREE When You "QUALIFY" Upon Enrollment NOW!​
Ask Me How?​

Get Started Bonus:
Create Your 30-Second Intro-Promo

OMG Barbara!!! This Sounds So AWESOME --
But, What's ALL THIS Going to Cost Me?​
Well ... I'd like you to consider developing, honing and mastering the Speak-to-Get Clients Business Development Skill-Set ​ "NOT AS A COST TO YOU", but as ​ONE BIG HUGE INVESTMENT IN YOU, YOUR MISSION-DRIVEN BUSINESS & YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE because it is.

     Your Monthly Investment is ONLY $2,500   
Please know that you are not taking a risk with this investment. My Speak-to-Get™ Clients 6-Month Training & Coaching Academy is backed by a complete money-back guarantee. I am 100% confident that when you get fully packaged, find partners to help you promote and practice your Speak-to-Get Client's Presentation to mastery and apply what you learn in the program to your business it will help you get the word out with with more confidence and credibility, help you pull prospects into your pipeline in less time and help you convert more prospects into paying clients ON-THE-SPOT!

All I ask is that you immerse yourself in the 5-part training and packaging series, complete ALL the assignments and worksheet to get fully packaged, use the #1 strategy that I teach to find partners who can help you promote, practice the parts of your presentation to mastery, participate in our mastermind and post your goals and outcomes for each training day in our private Facebook group, ask for feedback and support. If you participate and fully complete the 6-month program and execute what you learned in the program and can show proof (via a recording of 3 presentations) that you didn't get any clients from your first 3 Speak-to-Get Clients engagements upon completing the program. Just send the 3 recordings along with all of your COMPLETED Speak-to-Get Clients assignments, templates and worksheets to show me you fully committed to the process. If after reviewing your 3 recordings and completed assignments showing your best efforts. I will refund 100% of your investment, minus a 25% administrative cost and processing fees. (NO QUESTIONS ASKED.) Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing your refund upon receipt of the above mentioned materials. Thank you for your patience:-)

My No Risk, No Questions Asked 
​Speak-to-Get Clients Guarantee​
Yes, Coach Barbara! I am ready to Master the Speak-to-Get Clients™ Business Development Skill-Set, so that I TOO can get my new coaching business off-the-ground &

​P.S. If you're on the fence ... still wondering if you should invest the time and money to 
​hone the Speak-to-Get Clients Business Development Skill-Set so that YOU TOO can ​
​Get Your Business Off-The-Ground & THRIVING ...
Here are 2 questions I'd like you to ask yourself ... ​
Bonus #4:
Get The 5% Secret Advantage:
Decide Your 7 Must Knows About Marketing

Get Private Coaching
Speak-to-Get Clients™ VIP Coaching Day

Get Promo Video & Photos
Speak-to-Get Clients LIVE Event Showcase 2018

 In this secret bonus program you will DECIDE ...
  • WHO your "assigned clients" are -- and where to find them in large numbers?​
  • WHAT to say when you have ​ONLY 30 seconds to capture your prospect's attention?
  • WHEN you will make time for marketing, when you have ZERO CLIENTS and you're just starting your business?
  • WHERE to focus your marketing -- in this age of TOO MANY marketing options? (Twitter? ... Facebook? ... LinkedIn? ... SEO?... SMS?, ... E-mail? ...YouTube? ... Video? ... Google , ETC ...)
  • WHICH leveraged client attraction strategy you will​ use to get the word out to the masses?
  • HOW-MUCH you are worth and ​how-much to charge for your work?
  • HOW-TO get the word out, so that you stand out -- ​in the MOST CROWDED, LOOK A-LIKE, small business marketplace in American History -- where everyone's a speaker, author, healer, expert, consultant​​, (Fill-In-The-Blank) or a coach!
​​I understand that for my monthly investment of $2500, I will receive:

Get Packaged!

Speak-to-Get Clients™ (5-Part) Training & Packaging Series
Access to your Speak-to-Get Clients (5-Part) Training & Packaging Series​​, complete with training, fill-in-the blank worksheets, templates, checklists, outlines and coaching to help me put my "complete" Speak-to-Get Clients program together including ...

  1. My Premium Offer that transforms lives, ​solves a real world problem ​and ​positions ​​ME ​as the ​​"go-to" authority. ​($5000 value)
  2. My Speak-to-Get Clients Presentation that can turn my ENTIRE sales process into a 90-minute signature sales presentation that can "literally" shorten my sales cycle from weeks ​​and months to MINUTES!​​ ​($3000 value.)
  3. My PowerPoint Presentation that will keep ​my audience focused on ME ​and NOT on the slide when I speak.​​ ($1500)
  4. ​​My Speak-to-Get Clients Marketing Package​ that include all the documents I will need to send out to meeting planners, ​event organizers and ​promoters ​who can put ME in front ​of groups of my "assigned clients" -- in LESS TIME. ($10,000 value)
  5. ​​My Speaker Marketing Webpage​ the place where meeting planners, event organizers and ​event promoters will go to: learn more about me and who I serve, determine if my presentation is a fit for their group, review my promo video, get access my "downloadable" speaker marketing materials and decide if they want to book me. ($2500 value)


Get Partners!

Speak-to-Get Clients Partnership Strategy
that will help me discover, develop and execute the #1 strategy for finding partners who can help you promote and put you in front of groups of your potential clients in 10 easy steps. ($10,000 value.)

​​Get Practice!

Speak-to-Get Clients Virtual & Live Practice Sessions
that help me practice presenting the parts of my presentation, making my premium offer, inviting prospects to say "YES" to transforming their lives through ​the expertise and guidance I provide and managing my ​PowerPoint slides.

Get Productive!​

Speak-to-Get Clients™ Productivity Mastermind
that allows me to participate in your 3-day, 16.5 hours weekly Speak-to-Get Clients Productivity Ritual & Mastermind ($50,000 value) where I can: 

  • ​​Plug my work into a structure for MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY and get it all done in less than 20-hours per week.
  • Practice My Pitch until it becomes second nature to me.
  • Announce my goal or outcome of the day.
  • Use the power of visualization and affirmations
  • Take ACTION to move my projects forward in a peer supportive environment.​​​​​​​​
  • Ask questions, get peer feedback​​, support and accountability when I need it in our Speak-to-Get Clients Facebook group.
  • Take healthy self-care breaks during my workday.
  • Work part-time hours and GET IT ALL DONE in 16.5 hours a week!
  • ​​TURN WORK OFF at the end of the day!
  • Set boundaries between work@home and non work@home hours.​​
  • Accomplish my business goals -- BEFORE the kids come home from school.
  • Celebrate success at the end of the day and still have time to live love and play!!!​​


Plus 5 VIP Bonuses

BONUS #1:​
​​​Create Your 30-Second Intro-Promo. ($250 value)

Download the Voyage to Your Vision​ featuring Coach Barbara in Ch.9
An Amazon International Bestselling Book​ ($20 value)

Learn BEFORE You Launch ($5000 value)

​​BONUS #4:
Speak-to-Get Clients Live Event Bonus Ticket​​

​​Get Your Promotional Video, Professional Photos & Testimonials
​DONE ​ALL IN ONE DAY!​​ ($5000 value)
​​BONUS #5:​​​​​​​​
ALL Expense Paid- Speak-to-Get Clients VIP Coaching Day​
​Have the Speak-to-Get Clients Coach --​coach you live and in person
​in a 1:1 private setting. ($20,000 value)


Your Investment for the Speak-to-Get Clients Training & Coaching Academy

The total value is $120K, but your investment is just …

• $25,000 total (10 Payments of $2,500)
• $15,000 Full Pay Option (Saving you $10,000)

(Payments will be billed 30 days apart.)


​​​​The 6-Month Training, Coaching & Live Events Schedule

Get Packaged!

Get Packaged Schedule:
Training:​ Tue, Wed & Thurs 10: AM to 11:AM
Packaging: ​Tue, Wed & Thurs in Months 1, 2, 3.​​
Tuesday ONLY in Months 4, 5, 6.​


Get Partners!

Get Partners Schedule:
Training: Wednesday's AM
Partnering: Wednesday in Months 4, 5, 6. ​​​

​​Get Practice!

Get Practice Schedule:
​​Virtual Practice Sessions: Thursday's in ​​Month 4, 5, 6.
Live Practice Session​​ in Month #5 (Date, Time Location TBA)
Speak-to-Get Clients ​3-Day LIVE Showcase (Date, Time Location TBA)​

Get Productive!​

Tue, Wed & Thurs in 8:30 AM ET to 2:PM ET
​Months 1 thru 6


VIP Bonus Schedules

Learn BEFORE You Launch ($5000 value)
( Dates, times and details TBA)​

​​BONUS #4:
Speak-to-Get Clients 3-Day Live Event Showcase Bonus Ticket​​

​​Get Your Promotional Video, Professional Photos & Testimonials ​DONE ​ALL IN ONE DAY!​​ ($5000 value)
(Dates, times and details TBA)​

​​BONUS #5:​​​​​​​​
ALL Expense Paid- Speak-to-Get Clients VIP Coaching Day​
​Have the Speak-to-Get Clients Coach, Barbara Bamba, coach you live and in person ​in a 1:1 private setting. ($20,000 value)
(To be coordinated and scheduled directly with Coach Barbara)


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What will it cost YOU to STAY STUCK as your precious time flies ...

What will it cost YOUR ASSIGNED CLIENTS?
  • Valuable time WASTED?
  • Health & fitness neglected?
  • Confidence & self-esteem low?
  • Relationships under nurtured​​​?
  • Financial freedom un-attained?
  • Social life nearly non-existent​​?
  • Quality of life suffering?
  • Dream lifestyle un-lived?
  • Connection to source uncertain?
  • Peace of mind scattered & chaotic?
  • Your purpose in life unfulfilled​​​​?
Get Practice
Speak-to-Get Clients™ Virtual & Live Coaching

Get Partners
Speak-to-Get Clients™ Partnership Strategy

Get Packaged
Speak-to-Get Clients™ Complete Packaging Series

Get The International #1 Bestseller
Autographed by Barbara Bamba, Co-Author Ch. 9
Bonus #3:
$22,000 Value
$10,000 Value
$10,000 Value
$50,000 Value
The BEST Practice for Marketing a "Heart      Centered" Business is...