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Barbara's Credentials
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Barbara's Speaker Onesheet & Bio:
​​​​​Too many heart-centered entrepreneurs, don't know where to start, ​when it comes
​to marketing their unique calling -- ​​​​in this age of ​TOO MANY MARKETING OPTIONS!

While ONLY 5% Are Successful in Getting
​Their Businesses Off-The-Ground & THRIVING ...

Barbara's Voyage:
​​​​After leaving the workforce to raise her children and start a “successful” work-at-home coaching business, Speak-to-Get Clients Coach and Amazon International Best Selling Co-Author Barbara Bamba, spent more than 57,000 business hours, figuring out "best practices" for marketing -- "through trial & error."

Instead of achieving the time freedom, financial freedom and work-life balance she sought, Barbara found herself, STUCK behind ​her computer: "Over-consuming" information products, STRUGGLING in "entrepreneurial poverty", and FAILING to get her business off-the-ground and THRIVING!

​​​​As she spent, unrecoverable amounts of, precious time and valuable business development hours in "learning mode" versus "earning mode," Barbara was forced to move “back home” at the age of 45 - WITHOUT all of her children -- following a failed marriage, divorce and foreclosure, which left her broke, broken and homeless -- due in part to her refusal to give up her “BIG DREAM” of entrepreneurship and “get a REAL job!”

​It was in that defining moment that Barbara, started investigating the marketing practices of the top 5% successful, online women entrepreneurs who had THRIVED during their start-up years, while working from home, with kids in tow -- women who had earned 6 & 7 figures plus in incomes. ​

​​That is when she discovered the BEST PRACTICE for marketing a heart-centered business (SPECIFICALLY, during your start-up years) and created her Speak-to-Get Clients Public Speaking Training Program for Women (and Men) In Business.

Barbara Bamba is a knowledgeable, charasmatic and compelling speaker, workshop facilitator and trainer. She is an Amazon International ​Bestselling Co-Author of the book titled: The Voyage to Your Vision: wherein she collaborated with 42 other top experts from around the globe to share wisdom from their vast experiences with others and change lives during our turbulent times. The book features other renown experts including: Marcia Weider: Oprah Winfrey’s Dream Ambassador, Dr. Kathy Greenberg: The First Lady of Happiness and Rick Frishman, 30 year publicist of Planned Television Arts (now Media Direct) to name a few. Barbara is the recipient of both the coveted Eippy Book Award & the eLit Book Awards. She was honored as the VIP Professional Woman of The Year in 2011, by The National Association of Professional Women (NAWP). However, her biggest accomplishment is rebuilding her life, career & confidence after crisis.

Barbara teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their businesses off-the-ground and THRIVING, how to use public speaking, in their businesses, as a strategic marketing, client attraction and selling tool that can help them get their first wave of high paying clients!

​​I Can Teach You How-To Write, Promote & Deliver a Talk that Can Help You ...
  • Get the Word Out with a Higher Level of Credibility
  • Present Your BEST Work to the World
  • Pull Prospects Into Your Sales Pipeline In Less Time
  • Convert Prospects Into Premium Clients ON-THE-SPOT
  • MAXIMIZE Your Marketing Efforts EXPONENTIALLY!
  • Position You As "The Go-To Expert" In Your Field (in 90-minutes or less)
Prior to leaving the workforce, Barbara served as a Senior Workforce Development Trainer and Job Developer for 4 years at Temple University where she facilitated hundreds of career development workshops and helped over 5000 job seekers prepare for and enter in the workforce successfully.

  • ​Amazon International Best Selling Co-Author 2014
  • Recipient of the coveted Eippy Book Award 2014
  • Recipient of ​the coveted eLit Book Award 2015.​
  • Honored VIP Professional Woman of The Year 2011
    ​The National Association of Professional Women (NAWP) 
  • ​Founder & Former Owner: Philadelphia Speakers Bureau
    ​Senior Workforce Development Trainer & Job Developer
    ​Temple University (4 years)
  • ​Barbara's biggest accomplishment is rebuilding her life,
    ​confidence & career after crisis.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Many get STUCK figuring out best practices for marketing -- through "trial & error."                     
  • ​​​95% STRUGGLE in "entrepreneurial poverty", earning ​less than $100k a year in their businesses.
  • ​As 80% FAIL within their first 2-years ​in business ​-- often times due to ​a lack ​of clients and sales.

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​This Amazon International Best Selling Co-Author is on a Mission to ​ELIMINATE the Failure Rate
​​Among Heart-Centered Women Who Start Mission Driven Businesses

"Barbara Bamba is a genius!!!"

 ​​​​-- The Legendary ​Dr. Ted Fattaross​​, International Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader, Coach & Consultant​
"You have the BMWs, Benz and Bentlys of the speaking industry -- and then you have
​Barbara Bamba."


​-- Stan Matthews President,
​Central New Jersey Chapter
BDI (Business Development International​
After sharing my rough plan,
for my “summer” webinar that I had been talking about on my weekly show and on social media.
​​​Barbara jumped in and gave me a bit of advice that I know will change my game. We then worked through how this one little thing would play out and lead my potential clients into a sale seamlessly. ​​Coach Barbara left me feeling excited and eager to get to work on this as I now have a plan and I’m jumping in with two feet! She knows her stuff!!!

​-- Myste Lyn
Certified Master Empowerment Coach , Raido TalkShow Host
Your Attendees Will Benefit By Learning How to ...
Barbara's Bio:

The ONLY  Program Guaranteed to Help Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs
​ ​​AVOID Wasting Time & ​Valuable Business Development ​Hours​​ ​on, "Costly",
​Trial & Error ​Marketing Practices -- During Their Start-Up Years​.
  • The 3-Priorities of the THRIVING Start-Up and know EXACTLY what to spend your time, energy, and money on during your start-up years -- to AVOID WASTING IT.
  • The 7 MUST KNOWS about marketing MOST heart-centered entrepreneurs DON'T KNOW BEFORE LAUNCHING that keep them STUCK, STRUGGLING & FAILING -- to get their first wave of premium-paying clients.​​​​
  • The #1 BEST PRACTICE for Marketing a Heart Centered Business (SPECIFICALLY, when you are just starting up) and the 25 reasons why it is PROVEN to be THE #1 BEST PRACTICE!

with Coach Barbara Bamba...
Based On #1 International Best Selling Book: The Voyage to Your Vision -- Chapter 9.
“Barbara is a great speaker! I’ve spoken all over the world and have seen hundreds of speakers and she is one of the best! You will be very glad you booked her for your event!”


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jack M. Zufelt
“Mentor to Millions”
Author of the #1 best-selling book The DNA of Success